A great hair cut is the foundation of personal style. A precision hair cut works with your natural texture to compliment your unique bone structure, style, and personality. A thorough consultation with the master stylist drives the creative process so. Your stylist is trained in the latest cutting techniques such as precision clipper cutting, razor cutting, curl cutting, dry cutting and more. Your stylist has honed these skills over 20 years, mastering every type and texture of hair.


Eliminate irritation & maximize shine!

Coloring becomes a beauty treatment for your hair from the inside out. The colors in our line are PPD-free, ammonia-free and full of naturally-derived ingredients including Shea Butter, honey and pomegranate. It even covers grey!



All services are performed and supported with naturally based, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and animal cruelty free, products.  We offer Kevin.Murphy home hair care products in our Kevin.Murphy shop.

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Serving you from:

Shear Roots Salon

931 S Rural Rd

Tempe, Az 

"Khris is stupendously, unbelievably, brain-liquefyingly talented, and there is no one else I trust my hair with."


Bebop Cray Cray 

Apr 16, 2014

Monday 10am- 5pm

Tuesday 12 - 7pm

Wednesday 10am - 5pm

Thursday 12-7pm

Friday 9am- 7pm

Saturday 9am- 5pm

Sunday 9am- 5pm

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